Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's not always about the tupperware

I haven't been doing much geocaching lately. I haven't been doing much besides working, and getting ready for school (my next term starts Monday).

I did, however, stop and look for a cache on my way home from work on Thursday afternoon. I have often eyed the local rice paddies with a detached interest, and have marveled at the rice being dried on the roadside guard rails just like it has been done for many years.

The cache I stopped at was intended to bring the cacher to a local rice paddie so that we can watch rice being grown, and harvested, the way it has always been done. This is probably a unique experience, since nobody in The States is going to see rice being harvested by hand.

A local farmer was working right next to ground zero, so I was unable to search properly for the cache container. I did snap a couple of photos of the rice paddies. From the smell of things, I suspect that the rice has been well fertilized too!

Overall, it was a neat little spot, and I'm glad I stopped there. I'll be back there again to grab the cache, probably on an early morning when Farmer Yoshi is still asleep!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trip To the Beach

My mom jokingly asked me what I thought would happen if I planned a family trip to the beach. I responded with, "We'll probably have a typhoon!" Laughing ensued...

Who's laughing now? I'm just that lucky!

Back In The Land of Strangeness

I went out and grabbed a couple of geocaches with my daughter on Saturday morning, and she demonstrated that she's very good at pointing out things here in Okinawa that are strange, funny, or just a little out of place.

I'm not sure what that depiction of the moon landing is supposed to be doing, but it looks pretty permanent...

Monday, August 3, 2009


Thanks Erika!

I was recently introduced to the hobby of postcrossing. It's a neat little website where you can sign up and get interesting postcards from all around the world. Like I need another hobby, right?

Sounds boring? Maybe, but it's neat to get little glimpses of other nations in your mailbox.

Here's a few that I've recieved: