Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kin and Yaka

I've found a few Geocaches over the last couple of days, all after work. I've been fortunate enough to get off of work pretty early (about 1:30 PM) for two days in a row. I'm certainly not complaining about that.

Yesterday I stopped at Yaka Beach and did a two part multi-cache. The weather was beautiful--It was sunny with a nice breeze. After that, I hit a neat little spot in Ishikawa, where a neighbor of mine has a Geocache hidden. Since he's currently out of the country, I'm supposed to be keeping an eye on his hidden caches. That means I have to find the rest of them (I've found about half of his caches).

Today I headed North from Camp Hansen, and hit three spots that looked promising. The first one was near the Kin Bridge, and I found the cache easily. It wasn't too far from my own "Old McDonald" caches. Next, it was off to a small shrine a little farther up the road. I couldn't find that one, due to the construction workers that seemed to be on a perpetual break. It was a neat shrine, though. Next, I stopped at a little restaurant that has apartments above it. The cache was well hidden, and the mosquitoes were out in force.

It was a fun way to spend a couple of hours after work, and the scenery was nice.


cary said...

Great photos. Love the scenery.

P.J. said...

This is why I need a regular job with regular hours -- so I can get caches after work when it's still daylight out! :)