Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fire Causes Geocaching Website Outage

An early morning fire at Fisher Plaza has caused a longer than anticipated power outage that is keeping the Geocaching website offline.

Jeremy Irish, the co founder of Groundspeak, the company that owns the website, writes about this on his blog (click here).

I hope they get it fixed soon, as many thousands of people rely on the functionality of the website.


Erika Jean said...

what a pain. so glad that day Theresa did the PQ the night b4!

cary said...

Sorry to hear of the fire affecting your hobby. I understand that when something you crave is withheld, it can cause feelings of deprivation...

(hey, gunny - is this where i should keep any references to a certain drug habit to a minimum, along with the well-known withdrawal symptoms?)

(keep in mind that i love old-school orienteering, and would probably be out hunting up caches if i had the resources!)

Sumajman said...

Just as I was trying to get a read on all the travel bugs in the caches in the Metropolitan Parque. Glad it came back up.