Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nice Day for a Track Meet

My son had his weekly track meet today and my wife and I enjoyed a nice day in the Chatan and Awase areas. We spent the morning in Chatan for the track meet, then came home after lunch. We then took our daughter to Comprehensive Park near the Awase area. It was a fun day, and we got some neat pictures.

Amazingly enough, I left the GPS at home. I have already searched for the cache at Comprehensive park, and was discouraged by the amount of refuse near ground zero. I think that one can stay undiscovered for me. That's the cool thing about geocaching; somebody else will probably have a great time finding that one and we all play the game differently.

At the sea wall near Chatan. I love the look of these pilings

Graffiti on the sea wall

Kelp farming near Comprehensive Park

Danger! Cigar-smoking pigs in the area!

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Erika Jean said...

Haha they have the oddest signs there. Love the Graffiti!