Saturday, August 28, 2010

Geocache Maintenance

I recently accompanied a buddy of mine while he found some of his first geocaches.  One of our stops was at the Agena Castle ruins in Uruma.  I have previously found this cache, so I figured it would be easy to steer my buddy in the right direction.  We found the cache quickly enough, but we also discovered that the lid was cracked and the cache was full of water.  The contents were soaked, and the logbook was well on its way to an oatmeal-like consistency.

I stopped by this cache this morning and replaced it with a new container and logbook.  I even threw in some swag items.  The cache owner is no longer here on Okianwa, but the cache has not been adopted by anyone.  This is too good of a spot to let the cache get archived, so I decided to lend a quick hand.  Here's a few pictures:


Erika Jean said...

That last picture looks like a cool spot!

So nice of you to keep the cache alive for the next visitors.

Just John said...

@EJ: Yeah; it's a really neat location. The steps are mostly original, and it's a pretty treacherous climb, but I've seen little old ladies going up it (there's a couple of family monuments up there). The bugs almost carried me away though!

Miss Em said...

What a wonderful place to explore.

Have been hearing that the troops are going to be moved out of that area. What a shame to have to leave such beauty.

Miss Em

P.J. said...

Very nice that you fixed things up. Maybe you should try adopting the cache? Either way, good caching karma!