Saturday, November 20, 2010

Trip to Zanpa and a New Geocoin

We loaded up the car this morning and took a trip to the Awase area, where I found four caches, including a previous DNF (Did Not Find).  We then trekked over to Chatan to grab some curry from CoCo Ichibanya.  Yum.

Next, it was north to Zanpa Point.  I walked all over that park trying to find the letterbox hybrid cache there, but no luck.  There was a great view from the point, so it was certainly worth the trip.

I also am the proud new owner of a couple of new geocoins.  These are unactivated, trackable, commemorative coins that were minted in celebration of Okinawa having 500 active geocaches.  I got two each in gold, silver, and antique nickel. 

The family and I had a nice Saturday out and about.


Erika Jean said...

So will you be releasing it or keeping it?

Lovely view!

Just John said...

You know, I got two of each color so that I could hem and haw over which to release, and which to tuck away. I think this gold one (in the picture) will get released when I get back stateside. I just don't know about the rest...I'll just have to shoot from the hip on this one.

P.J. said...

The coins are gorgeous! Haven't seen you posting a lot lately... hope all is well and you're still caching.

(Oh, check out GX Proxy if you are going to release coins... could get look-a-likes for cheap!)

Home Budget Ideas said...
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