Monday, January 19, 2009

Onna Point

Today, I met up with a fellow geocacher, and we headed north to Onna Point. We hit a couple of neat spots there, and enjoyed the warmer weather. It has been cool and wet for a few days, until this weekend. The last couple of days have been really nice.

The terrain at Onna is rocky shoreline, with an abundance of razor sharp plants, and coral outcroppings. It makes for painful cuts and scrapes if you stumble or fall. The views, however, were spectacular in places.

We took the kids with us, and we all had a great time. We stopped at Coco Ichibanya for some curry, and then headed back home. The kids said that Coco should become the official Japanese sponsor of Geocaching.

Here's a couple of pictures from today:


Sumajman said...

Razor sharp plant leaves sounds threatening to a geocacher. I hope you didn't get cut up.

P.J. said...

It seems to me that this would be a wonderful place for photography. If I ever had the coin to travel to Japan, I think I would (my dad was stationed there years and years and years ago and said it was a beautiful place, too).

Sounds, too, like a great day of caching!

Just John said...

Sumajman: No worries; we all came out just fine. We just had to watch our step, and use a bit of caution around the cliffs.

P.J.: It is indeed beautiful here. If I had the skills and equipment, I'd probably spend the majority of my time photographing the flora and fauna here.