Thursday, January 1, 2009

Caching Problems?

I guess that when it rains, it pours. That's a common saying, but it holds true at inopportune times.

One of my own geocaches was "muggled." I'm a bit annoyed about it, since it was a nice, big, well-stocked ammo can. It was well hidden, and neatly camouflaged. It was also in a really amusing area. I had titled it, "Don't Carp at Me," in an attempt to sound clever. I wanted it to sound like, "don't harp at me," only with carp. Carp was important because the locals typically hang up wind socks that are shaped and painted like carp during a certain annual festival here. One of their favorite places to hang the carp-like decorations is where I hid my cache. Bummer.

I also recieved notice that another of my hides needed to be moved. It's one of my "Old McDonald" caches, neatly concealed in the middle of some Okinawan farmland. The location is really nice, and the atmosphere there is very peaceful and relaxing. Now, it seems, there is a Mistubishi excavator parked atop the original hide location. What are the odds?

Oh; I also got an email telling me that the magnets are beginning to fall off of another of my hides. Super.

When it rains, it pours.


P.J. said...

Sorry to hear about the ammo can. That stinks when things get muggled like that. I am hoping when the spring comes and I go out to check on all of my caches, things are in OK shape. Once this snow goes away and the cold weather is a little better, I have to replace one that I have inactive for now.

I agree though -- things seem to happen badly in bunches.

Hope the New Year is a great one!

Sumajman said...

Sorry that its pouring. Hang in there. I enjoy reading your adventures from overseas.

tonka_boy said...

Tough breaks. Maybe one going south on you is bad enough, but having a tractor parked on your GZ is insult to injury!

Just John said...

Well, as an update, the cache that had the excavator parked on GZ is fixed. It has been moved a few feet, and is in fine shape. Close call...