Sunday, December 14, 2008

Major Milestone

Yesterday, I found my 100th Geocache. For those that live in the states, or even in Canada, that may not seem like many at all. Given the size of Okinawa, 100 represents one third of the total available caches on the island. With another two years left on my tour here, I have to pace myself. What would I do if I ran out of caches to look for?

Here's a few pictures from a couple of my stops yesterday (click them for the full size version):

View from a small park north of Kadena

Looking toward the East China Sea from the park

I think the guy that painted this may have been on acid

Another roller slide at a park near Kadena


P.J. said...

Congrats! The 100th find is always a cool one! I enjoyed mine.

tonka_boy said...

Nice job on the 100. It seems that getting a bunch for us is getting harder. Went out yesterday and got one out of 5. I was hoping for tracks in the snow to lead us. No luck.

Take care.

HeadHardHat said...

Hey Gunny,

Way to go man, congrats on your first 100!!!

Just read the email today that your HooHaa TB Racer is heading for the states!

Never a dull moment when it comes to geocaching.

Sumajman said...

Great job! I know the feeling off limited caching. I live in South America and our country has around 60 caches total.

Just John said...

Wow! 60? I hope that changes soon Sumajman.

goooooood girl said...

i like your blog......