Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Hides

I've been a little busy this weekend, but I still managed to find two caches and hide two more of my own.

I already had one hidden that I had named "Old McDonald Had a Cache." It was named for the location...In the middle of several acres of farmland. Well, this weekend, I've hidden Old McDonald #2, and #3. Both are much farther north than my previous hides, but they're very close to the base where I work, so I can go check on them at lunch, or after work.

It's a quiet area, and the scenery is nice.


tonka_boy said...

Hey John, do the Japanese know who Old McDonald is? And who reviews and publishes your caches? Do they have the same system of reviewers that we do here in the states?

Just wondering.

Just John said...

Actually, there aren't that many Japanese cachers here on Okinawa. There's quite a few on "mainland" Japan, but only one or two here. Our caches are usually reviewed by Crow T Robot, who is a regular reviewer there in the states.

I've seen one other reviewer publish caches here but I cannot remember his name...

tonka_boy said...

Cool. I wondered how that reviewing thing happened. I guess you don't have to be on site to review a cache. In fact, I've never met our reviewer.

I love that handle, Crow T Robot. I have a bunch of MST3000 videos. That's the funniest stuff ever. Maybe I'll stick a disk in tonight.

P.J. said...

Cool deal on the new placings. How many cachers are around your area? Also, how long are you stationed in Japan? Just wondering what happens when you leave? Archive them? Someone else adopt maybe?

Just John said...

P.J. I'm here until 2011. When I leave I have to either collect them up (archive), or put them up for adoption. We have our own forum here (outside of the Groundspeak forum), and it looks like it's pretty easy to get them adopted.

I think there's about 60 cachers here on Okinawa.