Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cache Event

Today I was able to attend a caching event here, and it was a good time. There were about thirty people there (not counting little ones), and one gentleman came all the way from Tokyo. Well, he didn't come all this way just to attend our little event, but he made a point to come and meet all of us.

We met at about noon for a meet and greet, and then ate lunch. After that, we had a "caching relay race." That was a pretty neat idea. There were two teams of people. Each team was split up into three relays. The first relay was given a set of coordinates to a cache. They had to find that cache and bring it back to the picnic area. They then handed it off to the second relay, who then opened it up and retrieved the coordinates to the next cache, and so on.

We had a couple of other games and giveaways, and then everyone went their separate ways. It was a nice couple of hours in a very scenic park.

The park is right next to the castle ruin that I was poking around at yesterday. In fact, a few of us walked around with the gentleman from Tokyo as he hunted for that geocache. Here's a few pictures:

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P.J. said...

It seems like yesterday that you were looking for advice for when you attended your first event! Now, you're like an old pro!

Sounds like it was a good time. I'll have to tuck that relay game idea in the back of my head for our summer one. Sounds like it's a blast.

Glad you had a hoot. Events just keep getting better!