Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Caching Day!

Caching Day? Is that a holiday? No; it's not, not really. I just made that up because I'm (mostly) off of work today. What to do with a Friday, and I'm leaving work at 0830? Go Geocaching!

I've been on the pistol range all week, shot expert this morning, and decided to treat myself to a day of hunting caches in the jungles of lovely Okinawa. Rain is threatening, but my camera is water-resistant, and so am I.

I'm waiting for one of my fellow cachers to head out on a "little" trip, so that I can launch my travel bug. My TB is competing in the Great Hoohaa Travel Bug Challenge. In other words, it is in a race to see which TB can travel the most miles in one year. I've been catching a little flak from the other competitors because I have as yet to launch my bug, but they fail to realize that their defeat will come soon enough.

Enough talk! Time to head out. Since there's only a little over 300 caches here on Okinawa, I don't do enormous caching trips, with efforts to collect as many in one day as I possibly can. I'd rather have a leisurely day of it, and grab two or three. Let the adventures begin!

Will the weather hold out?


P.J. said...
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P.J. said...

Well, let's do this again then.

We're not giving flak because you haven't released rather because the goal is to release the bug and have someone move it rather than wait to hand it off to someone ... just saying.

Either way, release it soon so you can get in on the fun!

TripCyclone said...

Well, you also seem to be taking some flak because I joined the race late and still showed you up by getting mine out before you.

Just John said...
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P.J. said...
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Just John said...

Ok; let's try this again.

P.J.: Fair enough; I'll place it this weekend, in order to keep within the spirit of the contest...and still win.

tripcyclone: All you've "shown" is that you can place a bug in a cache. I suppose some would view that as impressive.