Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ending the Week

I was able to escape from work pretty early on Friday, and I hit a couple of spots near Naha. One was an art museum, and a couple of others were at small parks. With the number of people swarming around every place I stopped, I wasn't able to really search for the caches. At least I found some nice places to visit.

Today my son and I headed out to the Awase area. I had to stop at a local optometrist's shop to get my son's glasses adjusted, and order some new sunglasses. Naturally, we stopped at some caches "on the way" back.

Our first stop was at the Awase Meadows Golf Course. There was absolutely no parking to be found, as is usually the case on weekends after about 0900. We did some laps in the parking lot, hoping a spot would open up, and ended up leaving. I can't count that one as not finding the cache, since we didn't even search for it.

The next stop was next to what is allegedly the Yakuza headquarters here in Okinawa. For the uninformed, the Yakuza is the Japanese mafia. I could almost reach the hide without getting out of the car, and we spotted a fellow geocacher leaving the area. Zip, zap, we were done and gone.

Next, we headed to the local zoo, and a small park behind it. Climbing the hill in the park, we came upon a small shrine, and the nearby cache. In the logbook, I noticed the name of the cacher we had spotted at the previous cache. We were hot on his heels!

I called a buddy of mine and asked him if he happened to know how to get ahold of the cacher in question...I could hear him ask the suspect cacher, "Hey; Gunny's on the phone and wants to know how to get ahold of you." Small world. I ended up running into them at our next stop, a small park that was difficult to find.

After a brief search at the park, I made the find, and we headed to yet another castle ruin. This one was at the Goeku Castle ruins, and my son found the first leg of the two part multi. The second part would have been easy too, except for the man sitting about 50 feet away and staring at us. He eventually lost interest, and we were able to retrieve the container. That finished up our day of geocaching, and we headed home.

Here's a couple of pictures (click for full size versions):

View from the castle

At the zoo

A colorful character

At the art museum

More of the museum


P.J. said...

Sounds like a fun day. And just from the photos, looks like better weather than I cached in Saturday. How was meeting the cacher? I always love meeting cachers on the trail, even though it's only happened a couple of times.

Just John said...

P.J., it was neat to meet a new cacher. The guy is really a new cacher also. He had his whole family out with him, so he had an unfair advantage with the four extra sets of eyes!

Webfoot said...

Not so much an unfair advantage, rather utilizing the resources that are available to you. ;-)

Great pictures. One of these days I might get there. Looks like there's a distinct possibility I might be caching in Michigan this summer.

Hillbilly Willy said...

Your caching sounds like fun. I work it occasionally here in Arkansas

10-4 Hillbilly Willy

tonka_boy said...

I finally was able to subscribe to your feed. It never worked in the past. (???)

Sounds like a good day. Nice photos.