Thursday, November 27, 2008

Another Neat Okinawan Park

Last Sunday, I attempted to find a two part multi-cache that is titled, "The Mother of All Rollerslides." Rollerslides are very popular here, and I will often see young kids walking down the sidewalks with flattened boxes, and other pieces of similar materials for sliding.

The instructions for this cache told me to head to the listed coordinates, where I would find a tile shaped like a compass. The North arrow would point to a park bench where the final cache is hidden. Well, I found the tile, sighted along the arrow, and spotted an elderly couple sitting on the bench. Great.

I tried to wait them out, but they didn't budge. Once again, I'm not disappointed, because I found another neat spot here on Okinawa that I would not have found otherwise.


Gary said...

Man! That kills me! I cannot for the life of me understand why I missed so much when I was there.

P.J. said...

"Excuse me, folks, but I'm an official with the parks and I am checking benches for safety. I have to ask you to leave while I do an inspection."

Hey, would have been worth a try, no? :)

Just John said...

P.J.: If I could say it in Japanese, it might have worked!