Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Cache Container

I came across a cool new cache container, entirely by accident. The container is called a Rod Guard (that's the actual brand name), and it's a watertight container used for storing welding rods.

You can get a good idea of the size from the picture with my Garmin Colorado there for reference. The cylinder is about 14" long, and about three inches in diameter. There is a nice, thick rubber gasket on the opening, and it's constructed of stiff, durable plastic.

Now I just need to find a suitable spot to hide it...


Gawfer said...


I have a couple of those in the garage. I use them to store... well, welding rods.

cary said... the welding shop, perhaps?

Or would that break a rule of making it easier for muggles to stumble upon it?

Hope your Thanksgiving is a good one!

P.J. said...

So how much would a container like this cost?? Seems like it would be a good one though!

Just John said...

P.J.: I saw them online for seven bucks. Kind of pricey for something that you're going to leave out at the mercy of the public, but in wet environments, it sure would outlast an ammo can.

Gary said...

I found them at home depot for $10.00 Lincoln Electric Stick Electrode Storage Container