Sunday, March 8, 2009

Break In the Weather and FTF

The rain relented a bit today, and I headed out with my son to perform some maintenance on one of my geocaches. The original container had magnets glued to the inside of the lid, and they have broken loose. I built a new container, used some high-horsepower glue to attach new magnets to it, and swapped it out with the original container at the cache location.

We then headed out toward White Beach Naval Facility to grab a bite to eat, and we stopped to hunt for a couple of geocaches on the way. Unexpectedly, we were the first to find a tiny little geocache that was hidden on an uninhabited island that I have visited before.

Bananas growing at the cache site

After that stop, we went to a nearby park with a great view of White Beach. With all of the rain we've had, the hillside there was very slippery, and it made me thankful that we didn't go after that 5/5 cache today.
The park near White Beach

View of White Beach

A shrine near White Beach

Next, it was off to lunch, and then home. The weather cooperated for the couple of hours that we were out, but the ground out there is pretty soggy. At least it was nice and cool.


P.J. said...

Always good to get out and do the fixing on the caches when they need it. And cool photos. Seemed like a good day.

Just John said...

P.J.: Yes; it was a good, but short, day. The view from the park would have been much nicer on a clear day, but I can always go back.

Gary said...

Ahh, Home. Tied up a Supply ship on the south side of the pier on a day not unlike the day you snapped the photo. Thing was, I hadn't a clue as what to do, being an aviation kinda Sailor and all. The deck hands did a lot of yellin' that day, and it wasn't long before I headed to the CFAO Quarterdeck for the rest of my mandatory TAD. Great photos bro. keep 'em comin'.

Just John said...

Gary: I thought you might get a kick out of seeing some more shots of White Beach. We ate lunch at the club on the hill; I think they're calling it the Port Of Call Club.

P.J. said...

Came by to make sure my reader wasn't lax -- looks like you've been as busy as me and not able to update the blog! Hope all is well!