Saturday, March 7, 2009

Okinawa Weather Woes

As you can see from the radar image, we have a little bit of rain falling here. The island of Okinawa can be seen outlined in the center of the image.

It has been raining since yesterday, is forecast to continue raining the rest of today, and keep on raining through at least tomorrow morning.

I had planned on teaming up with two other cachers to tackle that difficulty five geocache tomorrow, but the surrounding area will probably be a complete mess. The terrain there is challenging enough, and the red clay mud is slippery with even a wee bit of rain.

It's not looking good for the home team...


The Muggle Family said...

Oh come on... You're going to let a little water spoil your fun? ;)

In reality, I do not envy whoever tries to get these in the rain... I wouldn't wait until the mosquitoes are in full force, but I'd wait a day with this weather.

Let me know how the stages are holding up... I might have to run my own route to do some maintenance if they've gone bad. I'm not looking forward to that. :)

Sumajman said...

We just finished our rainy season and finally have some sunny days.

Just John said...

Tim: I'll get back there soon; I'm just not trying to make it any more difficult than it already is. I certainly want to beat that one before it gets hot and the bugs go into overdrive.

Sumajman: I think our rainy season runs from January through December. Actually, our worst rain is in June.