Saturday, October 3, 2009

BC Street and Shurikawa Spring

I made a stop over at "BC Street" today. BC street is infamous for being a concentrated bar/club/strip joint haven here. That's at night...During the day, there are some neat little shops, a couple of cool restaurants, and the Teruya Music Store (good spot to grab some new strings for my son's guitar).

I needed to make a stop there while my wife did some shopping at Kadena AFB's new BX. Better her than me! I also stopped at a geocache called "Spring Cleaning." It's located near the Shurikawa Spring, and there were just too many locals there today. I saw the cache container, but just couldn't pull it out and mess with it at the time. This one will have to be an early morning, or maybe a night visit.

In other news, I have a little travel bug that came all the way from Arizona. Thanks Erika Jean!

I took a few pictures of the trackable item to share with the owners.

    The spring

    On BC Street


Erika Jean said...

Don't you just hate muggles!? Well, at least you know where it is for next time...

It's really neat to see the TB on a street with a bunch of Japanese writing in the background!! The spring looks cool!

P.J. said...

Damn those muggles! Very cool on the travel bug. Always nice to see bugs moving all over. One of mine has landed in Baghdad. I'm just hoping it eventually leaves...