Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day Off and Geocaching

I had a meritorious day off from work today, and my wife and I ventured out to do some Geocaching. We focused mostly on the Katsuren Peninsula, which is where the Katsuren Castle happens to be located. We stopped by there, and the view was a little hazy today.

We also hit a local beach that appears to be very popular with the locals, hence no cache at that location (local was napping almost on top of it!).

It was a nice day out, albeit a little windy, and we stopped at San A for a bit of shopping. I had a bowl of soba for lunch, and then we headed for home. We stopped at a cache that was the first in a series called "Outta Luck." These caches are all hidden at defunct pachinko parlors (casinos). It was a pretty easy find, and it was also my only find of the day. Too many locals at the other stops, and we had to get home before the kids made it back from school.

It was still a fun day, and I was able to snap some pictures for the owners of that little travel bug that I'm toting around. As usual, you can click the pictures for the full size versions.

Monkey in a box!

It's soba!

View of the beach from the road

Katsuren Castle


Erika Jean said...

I love the castle!! bummer about all the muggles :-(

Kind of ironic that the only cache you had luck with was named "Outta Luck" !

P.J. said...

At least you got out and got to enjoy yourself, right? :)