Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happenings of Life, and Other Mysteries

I've seen, on several occasions, the phrase, "Life happens," on the Geocaching forums. How appropriate. Life does indeed happen; it gets in the way of what we want, by presenting us with demands for what we need.

I have neglected this blog for almost three months, and have not done any real Geocaching during that time. It's not entirely due to a lack of interest, but more a result of other influences. School has been kicking my butt, and work has been a bear. I would certainly prefer to update this blog more regularly.

On a side note, when do we decide that barbecue is good barbecue? I know; totally unrelated, but the title of the post also includes, "and Other Mysteries." I took my wife to a neat little barbecue place for our anniversary last weekend, and we're going back tonight. I never dreamed that we could feast on such tasty American cuisine here in Okinawa. What a boon! A friend of ours is also celebrating a birthday, so it's a fine occasion to dine out in town.

How have your last few months been?

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