Sunday, November 22, 2009

Okinawa Dining Out

We went out to dinner last night at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Well, I suppose it's actually a Japanese restaurant (Okinawan to be specific), but they serve their version of Chinese food. The prices are low, the portions are enormous, and the food is quite tasty.


We had to park on the roof of a nearby discount store (parking on the roof is quite popular here; think "up" instead of "out"), and I saw a nifty shirt in there. If you've ever visited, you've probably seen plenty of similar products. I don't know what this shirt is supposed to mean, but somebody, somewhere, thought it was clever!


More vending machines! Some of the drinks look pretty interesting.



Erika Jean said...

Weird shirt - I have no idea what it means either. Maybe they meant "wanna" Like "Want to".... but then it STILL doesn't make sense..

I just love those vending machines! Very colorful.

P.J. said...

I think one of the intriguing thoughts about traveling to Japan would be to see those vending machines. Is there anything you can't buy in a vending machine?

Just John said...

@P.J.: Well, you used to be able to get a cold beer out of the vending machines, but those have gone away. I still see the Kirin machines here and there, but they usually just have teas and sodas in there. The variety of some of the drinks is really cool. If you look at the pink/peach colored bottle in the picture, that's the one my wife got last night. It's a peach flavored drink, but it's like Jello in a bottle.

Anonymous said...

I enlarged the vending machine picture.Peach,grape.lemon colored battles say 'jello' in japanese. I want to try these.