Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hot Caches

Saying it was hot today is an understatement. Today is the hottest day that we've experienced this year, and it quickly put a damper on our Geocaching adventures. Granted, it's much hotter in some of the western parts of the States, but the humidity there is nothing like it is here (no; not even in the South).

We were "O for three" today. The first stop that I made was with my son, and the restaurant at the cache site was closed for renovations. That meant that it was crawling with construction workers. My second stop ended up being a temple, and there were plenty of people there worshiping in their way...We left that one alone. The next one was a park on the beach, and it ended up being infested with people too. I think that one will be a night cache, if ever there was one.

What a bummer. The heat and humidity made me thankful for air conditioning when we got home. My wife felt the same way. The above picture is of our last attempt at a find today. We were under constant scrutiny, and couldn't search in the manner that we wanted to.

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