Saturday, July 12, 2008

My First Geocoin

Here's a picture of my first Geocoin. Geocoins are collectible items that can be tracked on the Geocaching website. An owner can track everywhere that the Geocoin goes, and even list its "goals" on the website. Pretty neat stuff.

I'm just not sure how eager I am to place my first Geocoin in a cache, and leave it at the mercy of the public. This one might remain in my possession, for more than one reason: It's my first, it was a gift, it represents a significant chapter in my life (my stay here on Okinawa), and there were only 300 of them made. Yep; this one might stay in my hot little hands for a while.


Sues said...

Oh yea, you should hang on to that sucker! Go get an extra (not so special) one to give away.

P.J. said...

It's a very nice coin. I keep all the coins I buy or have received as gifts. They are way too nice and I like to let others discover them.

TBs, on the other hand, I'm working at getting a bunch out. :D