Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Gadget!

I took the plunge and got a new GPS receiver. While the Garmin Colorado was tempting, I just can't justify spending 600 bucks on a GPS. I almost can't justify buying a new GPS at all, but my old one simply lacks accuracy. I was astounded to see the difference between my 2002 model, and a newer model that a buddy of mine has. His got him within a foot or so of a Geocache, and mine was pointing me in the opposite direction (when it wasn't losing its signal).

I opted for the Garmin Gpsmap 60. No, not the 60 CSX, just the 60. It has the features I want, and the fewest of the ones that I don't care about (color screen? no thank you ma'am). One of the coolest features is that it will download waypoints directly from the geocaching.com website. My buddy with a Lowrance model is green with envy about that feature.

It also has most major cities in the U.S. already loaded, with turn-by-turn navigation. It has auidible alerts for waypoint proximity, and other events. I can load maps to it from the internet, and there's no shortage of them out there. It also has a 12 channel, WAAS enabled receiver, instead of the first generation reveiver that my old one has.

I got a good price on it, and it's head and shoulders above my old one. I'm going to give it quite a workout over the next few years as well.


ProphetJoe said...

Sweet! Don't you love toys that come in OD or Camo?

dtodeen said...

I think you are outta control!! HAHAHa!!

Does the wife approve?

BTW: there is a note of camo in the green hand hold area, Jungle not dessert

Just John said...
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Just John said...

DT: She does indeed approve...or, at least tolerate it. She was the first person that I checked with ;)