Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kayan Castle Ruins

Found this little tiger TB at the Kyan Gusuku, or Kyan Castle, near Uruma.

The Gusuku era here lasted from the 7th through the 15th century, so this castle is potentially 1300 years old. The skeeters were out in force, and I saw a flower that looked like it could eat a grown man. I had been to this cache previously, and spotted a habu coiled up in one of the rocks. No habus today, but I saw several centipedes, and the odd looking flower. My better half had the patience to come with me, but she didn't stray from the beaten path...she left that up to me.

When I saw the tiger TB, I just had to take it home.


Gawfer said...

habu! LOL!

Very cool! Did you try some of that insect repellent I pointed you too?

P.J. said...

Well, seems like you had to take that one, eh? :)