Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Geocaching Meme

I got this one from Erika Jean. Sounded like fun, so here goes:

1. What is your name?

2. What is your GC name?

3. What kind of GPSr do you use?
Garmin Colorado 400t

4. What is your favorite feature on your GPSr?
Paperless caching, or the ability to view the entire cache page on my GPSr, with the five latest logs.

5. What is your best memory of geocaching?
Finding my first geocache, after three tries.

6. What is the farthest from your house you've ever found a cache?
This island is only 60 miles long, and this is the only place that I've cached. Looks like 31.7 miles is the farthest.

7. What is the hardest cache you ever found?
Sinister Series#1- Ring Thing A difficulty 5 nano hide. Yep; it was a difficult hide for sure.

8. What is the most amount of caches you've completed in one day?

9. How did you get started in geocaching?
I read about it in 2002 and then forgot about it. A friend mentioned trying it last summer, and I just decided to "google it," and give it a shot. Before long, I was hooked.

10. What is the silliest mistake you've made while geocaching?
Leaving my bug juice in the car.

11. What memorable animals have you encountered on the trail?
The most memorable is probably a habu; the local species of venomous snake. There have also been plenty of spiders that were big enough to carry me away.

12. What is your favorite earthcache?
Haven't done any yet, and will not be able to until leaving Okinawa.

13. When do you geocache most often? (Season? Time of day?)
Usually weekends in the late morning. I've only been at this for right about a year, but fall and spring are the best here.

14. Who do you usually geocache with?
My kids, mostly, but a friend of mine is a newer cacher too, and we team up on occasion.

15. Have you ever logged a find on one of your own caches? If not, would you?
I never have, since it violates the guidelines (I was present when they were hidden), and it just doesn't seem right.

16. What is the most consecutive days you've gone caching and had a find?
Five days in a row.

17. How do you feel about people who "collect" trackable items?
If it isn't yours, don't keep it; that's still stealing. Collect pictures instead!

18. Is it all about the numbers for you?
No, but I'd certainly love to find more caches, and an upcoming trip to California will be a perfect opportunity to boost the numbers a bit. For me, it's mostly about the neat places I've found, and the hunt.

19. What have you learned since you started geocaching?
The list is long, but mostly that easy caches can be hard to find, and difficult caches sometimes just seem to jump out at you.

20. What is the most interesting travel bug or geocoin you have discovered?
"Cuckoo Cache," a grandfathered traveling geocache. That was neat; a travel bug tag attached to a geocache container.


Marc said...

This is cool, guess I'll have to do the same on my blog.

Thank you, by the way, for adding my blog in your sidebar!

Take care.

P.J. said...

OK, guess it's time for me to take the plunge... all the kids seem to be doing it. :)

Erika Jean said...

lol on number 6 ;-)

I had a good time reading your answers!