Monday, February 2, 2009

Haunted Hotel

I spent today out caching with a friend of mine, and we headed to the "Haunted Hotel." The Royal Hotel was never finished, and it remains an empty shell today. The developer never had any real plans, and the layout of the place reflects that. There are stairwells going nowhere, passages that lead to dead ends, and a general sense of chaos as you wander the halls.

The view from the upper levels is magnificent, and we had a great time exploring. Amazingly enough, there didn't seem to be any ghosts hanging around the place today (maybe they were all watching the Superbowl).

We then headed to the Nakagusuku Castle, and then to a neat little soba shop for lunch. Here's a few shots (click to enlarge):
One of the castle entrances

Cherry blossoms at the castle

The Haunted Hotel

One of the views from the hotel


P.J. said...

That looks pretty wild of a place to visit and take photos at. Nice job.

Just John said...

P.J.: It is indeed a neat place. It was strange to have that entire hotel to ourselves to explore. Strangely enough, the cache there isn't very old. I'm surprised there hasn't been a cache there from day one.