Saturday, February 21, 2009

Okinawan Geocachers

Okinawa has some unique geocaches. We have a variety of terrain, and some great points of interest. We also have some of the best geocaching and geocachers in the world. Don't believe it? Here's a few reasons why I believe it:

-Many of our geocachers are not even here. They're in places like Iraq and Afghanistan right now, fighting those that would destroy us. Many of those that are here have already been to those places, and are heading back again.

-We have cachers that think that if you don't need explosives to get to the cache, you're not bushwhacking (and this guy is one of my personal geocaching heroes).

-We have cachers that will look at a "5/5" and say, "Pfft...Night caching anyone?"

-Our entire caching playing field is 60 miles long and five miles wide at its widest point...We have unexploded ordnance everywhere. We're like a can of starting fluid that has been roughly handled and beaten on. From jungle to cane fields, we have some tough stomping grounds.

-I think we have a higher per/cache coin content than anywhere on earth.

-We have Soldiers, Sailers, Airmen and Marines in droves.

-We have Okinawan geocachers.

-People go home from here and tell stories about geocaching in Okinawa.

-We have Cache Oki

-We have lots of castles!

Badass beaches? We got 'em.

We have amazing flora.
And fauna.

We also have a core group of cachers that have an easy association with each other, and it works. I'll miss it when I leave here.

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