Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lazy Hazy Day

It was overcast and hazy today. The weather report said that it was foggy, but I wouldn't quite classify it as fog, just haze. My son and I spent the afternoon touring the Awase area on the eastern shore of the island.

Our first stop was a small park, and the cache was hidden in a fake telephone hookup box. Since I've seen that type of container before, I spotted it as soon as we pulled up. It's almost like seeing an electrical box with absolutely no conduit leading to it...It just looks wrong and out of place. Easy grab, and we were on our way.

Next, we headed to another park, and the cache listing even states that the coordinates are off a little bit. That wasn't a problem, but the horde of young kids playing in the park was a problem. We couldn't really search thoroughly while being watched by the youngsters. We waved off and headed to the next cache.

After a quick find behind the Toys R Us (yep; they have one here), we went inside for lunch. The Okinawan version of Toys R Us has an entire shopping mall inside, with a food court. Don't be confused by the term, "food court." The food isn't what you would find in a mall in the U.S. My son and I each had a nice big bowl of soba, with a big hunk of pork, chopped onions, bamboo shoots, and corn. Good stuff. Who knew that you could go to Toys R Us for lunch?

Our last stop was a multi-cache, or multiple part geocache. I scratched my head for a while, and I think I found part one. The only problem is that I couldn't figure out what to do with part one. It only consisted of four digits, instead of the usual six (both the northing and the easting are usually listed in DDD MM.MMM format, so each leg of a multi usually gives just the last three digits of the minutes, for a total of six digits). I tried substituting the last two digits of the existing coordinates with two each of the found numbers, but that didn't lead me anywhere productive. Oh well; can't win 'em all.

Here's a couple of pictures of the mud flats at low tide (click for full size):


Sumajman said...

As usual I enjoyed reading about your geocaching adventures. Thanks for sharing them. Toys R Us must be everywhere, except Ecuador.

Nati said...

You have a beautiful blog!!
Greetings from Argentina!!

Just John said...

Sumajman: Thanks for the kind words. Yes, like McDonalds, Toys R Us seems to be like a virus.

Nati: Thank you for visiting!

Hi, My name is: Tim said...

As far as the multicache goes... were the numbers permanently affixed to the box? I saw something like that on eBay a while back where it was just a random collection of numbers or letters, but it was not "attached" to the item.

Just John said...

Hi Tim. No, the numbers were of the magnetic variety, and I hadn't seen that here on Oki before, so I thought they were what I was after. I'll have to head back out there, maybe this weekend.