Monday, February 16, 2009

Poker Run Event Cache

On the 28th of this month, I'll be attending another caching event here on Okinawa. It's going to be a poker run, and it will be held at a neat place that I wrote about here.

The rules of the poker run are pretty fun in and of themselves. The event host has hidden five geocaches here on the island, and they will remain unpublished until after the event. He and his wife have emailed all of the hopeful participants with the coordinates to those five caches. Each of those caches contains a bag of envelopes with playing cards in them. Collect one envelope from each cache, don't open it until the event, and show up on game day.

We'll open each envelope in sequence, and the person with the highest card for each cache wins the first to find (FTF) for that cache. They also win an unactivated geocoin. After all five FTFs have been awarded, the person with the highest poker hand wins the FTF for the event cache, and whatever other prize the host has on hand (probably more coins).

My daughter and I went out today and found the five caches for the event. It was a cloudy, crummy looking day, but we still had a good time. All five caches were very well hidden, and a couple of them had us both scratching our heads. The containers were not hard to locate, but actually getting to the locations was pretty difficult. The host was sarcastic enough to write that we "shouldn't need to bushwhack" in the email. He lied.

Finding the five caches was a great time, and I'm looking forward to the event. I'll let you know how my hand stacks up. Here's a couple of pictures from today:

At the beach near Torii Station

No bushwhacking required?

Local park near Kadena Marina

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