Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nice View of Foster

I stopped at a cache on my way home from Camp Foster today, and it is at a new library, campground, and park.

Those that have been to Okinawa before will remember the large building on the top of the hill near Foster that has an airplane on top of it. This new facility has been built right next to it. The view is great, and I DNFd the cache. After talking to another cacher later, I realized that my daughter and I were right on top of it (my new GPSr is awesome like that), but simply failed to move enough of the rocks covering it.

We still got to enjoy a nice view, and a pleasant afternoon between rain storms (another typhoon to the south of us).

As always, you can click the pictures for the grownup version.


Gary said...


I remember that bird!

I'm really enjoying the pics, bro. And am even more envious as you discover new places.

Just John said...

I'm glad you get to enjoy by proxy Gary. That's the neat part about this "sport," is that it's a heck of a way to see more and more parts of Okinawa that I never would have discovered on my own. I'll keep posting the pics!