Friday, September 12, 2008

Kanna Dam

I was able to head north of Camp Hansen during my lunch hour yesterday and search for a cache at the Kanna Dam. It's about four miles north of Kin Village, and there's a nice park there called Lakeside Park. The cache was well hidden, and well guarded. I lost track of how many large spiders I saw, and how many webs I walked into (face first). When I logged my find, I wrote that, "If anyone is planning on looking for this cache soon, I cleared about a dozen spiders out for you."

It looked like some "grass ninjas" had been working in the area recently, and all of their cuttings had been dumped in the vicinity of the cache. That increased the amount of brush and such that I had to search through. In addition, the tree cover was messing with my GPS pretty good. Once I remembered that my GPS is only going to get me near the cache, I ignored it, and concentrated on looking in places that I would hide a cache. After that, it took me about two minutes to find it.

It was a great way to spend my lunch hour, and I had just enough time left over to suck down some chow, and grab a quick shower before returning to work.

It's a shame that I'm running out of caches to search for close to my work. Maybe I can encourage some local cachers to hide some more in that area.

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P.J. said...

I've exhausted all the caches near my work. Actually, I now need to basically travel 30 minutes to cache anymore. So, that basically means I need to plan days to go. Haha.