Monday, September 29, 2008

Kenmin No Mori

I was able to go to a neat park this evening after work. It's actually north of where I work, so it's not really "on the way" to my house. It's a little off the beaten path, and it's huge. The road that I took to the park ended at what looked to be the back gate to the park, and it was closed. There were paths on either side of the gate, making the gate appear to be there for the sole purpose of keeping vehicles out. The adjacent sign showed the park hours, and I was there in plenty of time.

After about a half mile walk, I got to the "park proper." There wasn't a soul in sight. I had this entire, very large, park to myself. It was a bit eerie.

There is plenty of room to roam around, several miles of hiking trails, and a huge "roller slide." A roller slide is a long, narrow slide, with conveyor belt type rollers on it. Kids will bring a piece of cardboard with them, and ride down these large slides. This one appeared to be well over 100 yards long.

We had a nice tropical storm come through about a week or so ago, and it brought heavy rain with high winds. The cache itself wasy laying out in the open, but it was far enough off of the trail that it hadn't been disturbed. It probably looked like a piece of trash to passerby.

I signed the log, pulled the trackables out, just in case it was kids that had found it, and left a trackable that has dozens of replicas here on the island.

I had no trouble finding the correct spot, and I re-hid the cache in what seemed like the best spot, with plenty of natural camouflage. It was a fun way to end the work day. This one officially exhausts those caches that are even remotely located close to work!

It wasn't until I arrive back at home and re-read the cache description that I realized the park is closed on Mondays! I'm glad that it's in a very rural area, and nobody noticed me poking around!

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