Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Dam Cache

I made a second trip to the Kanna Dam today at lunch. I picked up the other cache that was there, and it was an interesting find. It was completely uncovered, and doesn't require any camouflage at all. It's in such a great spot that it's literally impossible to view it unless you're right on top of it.

I got some great pics of the dam, and had a great lunch. The skeeters weren't even bad!

I stopped at another cache on my way home from work, and it took much longer (no steps to climb, but a 1/3 mile walk from the parking lot). It was located at a neat little beach, and it was a tough search. The sawtooth plants got me good, but I survived.

(click pics for full sized version)

View from the cache-

View from the top-

After work near Ishikawa-


Gawfer said...

Amazing pics, bro.
That is a part of the island I never saw.

P.J. said...

See, caching days like that are a blast. A couple of finds that are well worth the trip. Good images, too!