Friday, September 19, 2008

Lack of Caching

The typhoon that was a near miss has prevented me from doing any caching over the past week. Looks like we'll finally have some decent weather this weekend, so I'll be back on it. There's a couple of caches near the Kadena ammo area that I want to grab, and one of them is supposed to be a pretty decent hike...We'll see.

My son joined the rifle team at his JROTC unit, and that's going to suck up a bunch of his time. He won't be doing as much caching with me, unless it's only on the weekends. We're sort of running out of caches near the house that we can hit anyway. He's working at a festival on Camp Kinser tomorrow (Saturday) with his JROTC unit, so I have to drive him down there, hang around for a while, and then I'll be free to hunt for some caches!

I should be heading to Aberdeen, Maryland toward the end of October, and I plan on doing some caching there. I have to attend a week-long conference there, but I should have at least one Sunday and a few aftenoons to myself to explore; I'm very much looking forward to that. There is, however, some rumors that the conference is being pushed back to December. If that's the case, I will not be attending, as I will have moved to my new unit by then. Only time will tell.

I hope to have some caching news to report after this weekend, and some pictures too. Stay tuned for updates!

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P.J. said...

It's odd when you go a while without caching... then when you get back to it, it's like you go into a different mode. haha. Enjoy the weekend... I'll be hitting some caches, too, and an event!