Friday, September 19, 2008

Kinserfest and Morinokawa Spring

I took the kids to "Kinserfest," a carnival-like festival that's held annually at Camp Kinser, and was able to hit a couple of caches on the way home. My son was working at the festival, so it was just my daughter and me.

The first cache was near one of my favorite restaurants, the Garlic House, or, more properly, Arin Krin. That cache was a DNF, or Did Not Find. Too many muggles about for us to search properly.

The second cache was at the Morinokawa Spring, which is located at a neat little park that I never would have known was there. It's a nice little spot of natural jungle, in the middle of urban sprawl. The mosquitoes were out in force, so we didn't linger long. My daughter actually made the find!

I took many pictures today, not just pictures at the cache site, but at various spots here that folks back in the states might find interesting. Here's a few for your viewing pleasure.

You can click them all for full sized versions. Enjoy!

Heading north on highway 58 near Camp Foster

I thought Graceland was in the U.S. Who knew?

The spring. I don't know how old it is, but it looks pretty old.

Near the spring.

Now we know where Popeye goes to get his ride fixed!


cary said...

Pictures of the highways on Oki always remind me that much of the island was carved, by hand, out of the rock to make it livable. (that is, the pictures that include the cuts through the rock and jungle, like the top one)

The use of heavy machinery in later years sure put big dents in more of the rock, and allowed for larger projects.

Gawfer said...

Allow me to point out the Obvious regarding Taba brothers Auto repair:

Popeye was a squid, but even squids reqire occasional auto fixin'

P.J. said...

Though I would do some caching in Japan, I've always thought if I got the chance to visit there that it would be an endless time of photo opportunities. Maybe one day.