Sunday, October 12, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Spiders

My kids and I had a great time today. We beat around in the jungle, dodged deadly animals, scrambled over boulders and up muddy slopes, and found a grand total of two caches.

The first cache was a significant hike for us, since we found every trail except the correct one. Once we got on the right path, it was a short walk to ground zero. My son made the find, and we watched a gecko stalk a cricket. Then it was back through the mud and bugs to the car.

The second cache was a multi, and the cache owner even states in the listing that you'll feel like Indiana Jones when going after this one. The first stage was pretty easy, but a unique container. The second stage was a significant climb through spider country. I stopped counting huge spiders at 20 or so. Every leaf that brushed across my neck or arm felt like one of those big damned spiders scurrying across my skin. Big, big fun. I saw a couple of small snakes (not habus), a few geckos, a frog, and even more spiders.

The final leg of the multi was actually an easy find. I just had to climb up on top of a large coral outcropping.

We had a blast, and the kids will sleep well tonight (so will I).

The trail at the first cache

This van couldn't make it up the trail...or maybe it was just stolen

The stream at the second cache (the multi)


P.J. said...

I love those caching days where you come home and know that you are going to have a fantastic day of sleep. Good times.

Sues said...

Fun, adventure, and HIKING!!! Sounds great to me!

MyGeocacheNation said...

geocaching is so much more fun when you're out with your family. not to mention the fact that it is also so much easier