Monday, October 13, 2008

My First Nano Hide

I hid my first "nano" cache the other day, and a few people have found it already. These things can be a real pain in the rear to find, if you don't know what to look for. The first one I went after took me three visits, because I just didn't understand how small it really was. The smallest size category listed on the Geocaching website is "micro." The nano is a sub-category of the micro.

These little boogers hold only a tiny, rolled up log for cachers to sign. They are magnetic, and can be painted to match their surroundings. In, on, and under electrical boxes are favorite spots. I hid mine on the bottom side of a bolt, on the back side of a guard rail. The odds of a stranger stumbling upon it are almost zero. With the hints that I gave in the cache description, it's really not that hard to find (once you've already seen what a nano is).


P.J. said...

I have one nano hidden. It's been a devious little bugger to people. ;)

Sues said...

OK, Whoever invented those nanos is evil! That looks frustrating enough to drive me crazy.

MyGeocacheNation said...

oh my! i already have trouble finding urban micros, i doubt if i can find a nano!