Thursday, October 23, 2008

Silly and Absurd

I often enjoy browsing through cache listings from parts of the country that I would like to visit. It's like sight-seeing by proxy. There's usually some nice pictures in the logs from various folks' visits.

Whenever I do that, I never fail to come across some log entries that are just plain comical (and sometimes a bit sad).

One individual wrote that they were shocked (shocked I tell you) to find a decaying, dead racoon near a cache in the woods, and that they were "glad we didn't have our kids with us today!" Huh? Imagine that, a dead racoon in the woods! Why on earth were they glad that they didn't have their kids with them? Have they taught their kids that animals never die? Maybe their kids think that the dead animal fairy comes, and replaces the carcass with a shiny new nickel?

Another dainty soul wrote that they came across a man with a pistol in a holster on his belt, and they were so terrified that they almost couldn't move, but managed, somehow, to make it back to their car and call 911. Guess who was the first to respond to their call? Yep; the same guy they originally saw, who happened to be a captain with the local police force (and was hunting for the same cache on his way home from work). Turns out his badge was clearly displayed on his belt, but the cacher was so overwhelmed by the sight of a gun, that they didn't even see the badge. Why does the mere sight of a firearm strike terror in some folks?

I also can't seem to get over the amount of log entries that are so rude and inconsiderate. I'm referring to those where cachers label a cache as "lame," or even, "trache." Don't like micros? Don't go after them (the cache listing really does show the size of the cache...right?). There's plenty of people that DO enjoy hunting for micros, and there is usually a significant point of interest nearby as well. I only have one thing to say to those that would belittle someone's cache: "Get over yourself; this sport doesn't revolve around you."

Am I the only one that scratches their head in wonder over these things?


HeadHardHat said...

Couldn't agree more... Here in the "south" you find dead stuff all over the place. My daughter Geoness who is about 12 ran across some deer bones whilst we were hiding a multi a few months back. We must have spent 15 - 20 minutes looking at them. They were obviously there for a few years and picked perfectly clean so it was like looking a school project but it was a great opportunity to learn. She was facinated. As far as the gun, it's October and you better be wearing orange if you are in the woods. The poorly worded remarks about caches is rude. Sometimes I think people just get lazy in their wording. Though I do not like the more experienced cachers that steel plate their comments on every cache. For crying out loud if it is just a skirt hide then fine but put more than the standard "found easily" and that's it. Yes we know you're awsome with you're massive amount of finds but share the knowledge huh? Oh and your shampoo bottle cap TB racer sucks..... ;)

Just John said...

Back at ya HHH!

P.J. said...

I have a pistol permit, though I have yet to carry one of my pistols when out and about (though when doing longer hikes in woods and forests, it might not be a bad idea). If someone called 911 on me, they better have a good reason as I have a conceal and carry permit and would have no problems showing the permit to a law enforcement officer.