Thursday, October 9, 2008

Travel Bugs

A Travel Bug is any object that you want to send out into the Geocaching world. You simply attatch a Travel Bug Dog Tag to your object of choice, register it on the Geocaching website, and then place it in a geocache.

Once you "release" your bug, you can track its progress on the website. Activating the tag creates a web page just for that item. You can post a picture of it, a description, its goal, and view the log entries of those that find or move it.

I have activated my Travel Bug for the "geochallenge" that is mentioned in the below post. It's actually an old electrical connector from a guided missile launcher. This is the umbilical connector that makes the electronic connection between the launcher and the missile. Here's to hoping that its next "launch" will carry it for many thousands of miles!

My Travel Bug


P.J. said...

Looks like an interesting bug for sure. Too bad it won't win the challenge! :)

Just John said...

P.J., you need to stop basing your expectations on your own feeble standards. There's a reason why I'm using a part from a missile launcher; my bug will destroy the competition.

Geocaching Online said...

Oops, looks like we missed this post... it must have been because we were so busy getting a REAL racer ready! See you at the finish line, we'll be waiting for you! LOL!

Me. Myself & Jonna said...

Missile launcher? Now, I have to admit that it's quite a creative bug! Too bad it's going to lose! =)

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